The new paradigm in automation and control.

Thanks to its high flexibility you can
transform into whatever

It is very easy to use
Just program it, connect your specific topology and
mount it on your connectio socket to turn it into hundreds of projects:

Variable speed drive for AC motors

Ultrasound for clinical therapy

Greenhouse automation

All the possibilities your hands
With Hadronb you have everything you need to develop projects from the prototype stage to the end-user stage in the palm of your hand, and it can be as easy as downloading an app.

Save up to
engineering costs
in the development of new projects.

For real life

You can control everything from LEDs to 440v motors without additional hardware, carry out professional projects easily and quickly.

Online store

Make your projects and share them or market them as apps in our online store.


Connect multiple modules to extend the capabilities of your solution quickly and easily.

Build your projects for the REAL world
Unlike a conventional development board, Hadronb integrates all the elements of an electronic control system in a single device.

Five hardware innovations, three software innovations and two service innovations make it the most flexible and powerful system on the market.

Integrated HMI

Use the display to show information and its three touch buttons to configure.

Easy to expand

Use the expansion port to add new capabilities or to integrate with other platforms.

all measure input

Multifunction and multirange inputs, without any additional accessories. Turn your Hadronb into an oscilloscope.

All Terrain Source

Power it from 5-240v ac or dc. Use it in the laboratory or industry with the same connector.

Power Outputs

Integrated power outputs, you can control equipment from 3v to 440v ac or dc without additional hardware.

Easy to Connect

With the new connection socket, installation is a breeze, eliminating complicated wiring and integration.

" I have several applications implemented with Hadronb in my industrial process and they work perfectly, it is a highly competitive product "

General manager Transformadora de papeles Gacela.

¿What makes Hadronb different?

Benefits of using it compared to usual technologies.


Faster, cheaper and less complex solutions.
You can build all types of solutions, from prototypes to industrial products, with the same device.

Easy to program

Our programming tool is high-level and makes programming easy. In addition, we have an online store where you can download complete programs without having to write code.


Due to its great flexibility, you can develop multiple projects with a single module, avoiding having a high stock of equipment.

Easy repair

Due to its connection system, it can be replaced in less than a minute and by integrating all the electronics in a single module, the repair of a device is practically immediate.

Less specialized training

Since it is quick to repair, technical personnel do not require specialized knowledge for its maintenance, avoiding costly visits by electronics specialists.

in the time

Because it does not have planned obsolescence, your projects will always be current since you will always have spare parts available.


It is becoming the standard for control and automation.

¿You want to know more?

Visit our blog where you will find more information and examples of how to use Hadronb



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