Hadronb specifications

Hadronb devices are simple, powerful, scalable and easy to use, their specifications are as follows.

Internal diagram

Internally, the Hadronb are made up of 3 independent processors that we call Quarks (Q1, Q2 and Q3). Each Quark is galvanically isolated, meaning you can connect any input or output voltage without shorting it out.

Each Quark is programmed independently, but they are all interconnected to transfer information between them and outwards.

In the following image you can see what the internal diagram of Hadronb looks like.

Q1 it is the Quark dedicated to the HMI and communications, it is also directly connected to the expansion port that allows the HadronB to be integrated with other platforms.

Q2 and Q3
They are the Quarks dedicated to control, and each one works autonomously and are isolated

Thanks to the fact that the Quarks are galvanically isolated, you can connect 5V output in Q2 and 110v outputs in Q3 without generating a short circuit.

Buttons and display (HMI)
In addition to all of the above, Hadronb has an integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface), that is, with a way to interact with the applications that are made.

The display is removable, you can remove it and use a cable to connect it up to one meter away.

The buttons are capacitive and are integrated above and below the display.

The buttons can be replaced with physical buttons and connect from more than one meter away.



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